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House Watch and Vacation Home Management Services

Protect your Arizona investment!

Having a house watch service is affordable and offers peace of mind so that you can leave your home and have confidence that it’s being looked after while you’re away. Coming back to your vacation home to find an overgrown yard, bug infestation, or a green pool is no way to start your stay! Some of the many benefits of hiring a home watch service include:

Your yard service is monitored - no overgrown yards and no HOA fines for an unkempt yard!
Your pool service is monitored - a pool that is left without being cared for will turn green and can result in costly repairs.
Your pest control service is monitored - being greeted by scorpions or black widows when you return is no fun!
Windows and doors are checked for security - we will make sure the house is secure at each visit.
A/C and/or heat is monitored inside the home - temperatures in Arizona during the summer can be tricky. If the home is kept too cool the electric bills can be extremely high. If temperatures are too high then the wood, counters, and other materials in the home can be damaged.
You have a local contact for alarm calls - if your home alarm system goes off we can be notified to save you the possible costs of police false alarm calls.
Detailed reports - you will receive a detailed report and pictures after each visit.

We have a list of recommended contractors and service providers to hire for any work or service that needs to be done at your home.

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Arizona House Watch Packages

There are many benefits that come from having your home looked after by a professional. Take a look at the services included below and give us a call if you have any questions.

Each home visit includes:
  • A full report with pictures sent via email with recommendations
  • Check all exterior doors and windows
  • Check landscape to ensure plants/grass are being properly serviced
  • If applicable, monitor pool service
  • Check for indications of pest problems (black widow webs, dead bugs, etc)
  • Pick up and discard all papers, flyers, debris, etc in front
  • Run all water faucets and flush toilets
  • Check A/C and furnace settings
  • Take calls if your alarm system sounds
  • Start car each visit if applicable
  • Run all water faucets and flush toilets
  • Retrieve mail


We would be happy to customize a package to meet your needs.
Let us be the one Arizona phone number for all of your home-away-from-home needs!

The ONLY Arizona Number You Need!
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