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The Arizona Focus Realty team has experience working with Canadian buyers and can help make the transaction smooth and enjoyable. We understand that there are many questions that arise when buying in another country, and we can help answer those questions - from property management to US property insurance, to escrow and tax-related questions.

Canadian Investors: See Us In Alberta

Since 2008 our team has traveled to several locations and we have held many educational seminars, participated in various trade shows, and cooperated with many Canadian brokerages. We are often invited by various groups and real estate brokerages to attend their functions and to provide company training on the Arizona Real Estate Market and the Arizona home buying process.


In Arizona the buyer’s agent is paid by the seller. Buyers don’t pay Realtor commissions, although buyers have full representation. The buyer’s agent works for and is in the best interest of the buyer.
Yes. Lending guidelines are continually changing so please contact us for details on current programs.
No. Property taxes are paid semi-annually and are based on the assessed value of the property.
We have several property management companies we work with. Most of them charge a nominal setup fee and then 9 or 10% per month to find, screen, place, and manage a tenant.
We recommend that every buyer use a home inspector. We can recommend reputable home inspectors.
There are companies who offer home caretaker services for part-time residents. We can put you in contact with these companies.
Most likely. When a non-US citizen sells a home in Arizona taxes are withheld per FIRPTA requirements. Because tax laws can be complex, it is best to consult a CPA.
No, attorneys are not involved in real estate transactions in Arizona. Contracts are written by the Realtors.

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