Home Buying

Attention Arizona Home Buyers

Did You Know?
  • That a buyer does not pay for a Realtor?
  • That builder agents do not look out for buyers' interests and do not always tell you about discounts?
  • That if a buyer does not have an agent with them on the first visit to new build homes that the builder will keep the commission and still not reduce the purchase price?

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We Can Help!

Having lived in the Southeast Valley for a combined 60+years, we have an expert knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools and local economies. With this information, we are able to help buyers find the right home and location to meet their needs. We are well-versed in resale, new build and land purchases. We can help the first time home buyer as well as the investor. We are thorough and pay attention to the smallest detail to make the home-buying process smooth and enjoyable.

7 Steps to Buying a Home in Arizona

A simplified overview of what to expect when buying a home in Arizona.

Step One

Get pre-approved for a loan.
Whether you have your own lender or use our preferred lender, we help our buyers understand the loan approval process from beginning to end. We can also assist buyers with determining down payment amounts and whether or not county grants or other down payment assistance programs are available.

Step Two

Identify wants and needs in a home.
Buyer's criteria for the perfect home vary tremendously. We are here to help buyers know which neighborhood and builder is right for them. We save our buyers time by personally searching for the desired homes and features. We can even create a personal web page for our buyers to track and compare those homes.

Step Three

Go shopping for the perfect home.
Our favorite part of the home-buying process is taking buyers shopping! We enjoy spending time with our buyers as we look at and compare one house to another. During this step, we advise our clients on to builder reputation and resale values and local school ratings.

Step Four

Make an offer and complete contract negotiations.
We advise our clients as to the true market value of a home before an offer price is determined. We also help buyers decide on how much earnest money to put down. We are experts at writing and negotiating contracts to get the best price and protect our buyers' interests. For new build homes, we are well-versed in making sure our buyer gets all published and unpublished builder discounts.

Step Five

Earnest money is deposited and escrow opens.
We work diligently during the escrow period to ensure all other parties to the transaction on are the same page and keep the process moving forward smoothly.

Step Six

Complete home inspections and negotiate repairs.
We attend all home inspections with the buyer and provide vital information regarding inspection findings. We again negotiate, on behalf of the buyer, for any necessary repairs and/or seller credits at closing. For those repairs or upgrades a buyer chooses to do after close of escrow, we offer a complete list of trusted professionals.

Step Seven

We continually work with the lender, Title Company and listing agent to ensure we meet the close of escrow date agreed upon in the contract. We will attend the final signing, if desired.